Fairy Gardening

I am a practical Gardner, if you could call me a gardener at all.  I like growing with a purpose.  Don't get me wrong, I love gardens ornamental and edible.  I adore natural and naturally inspired environments.  However, when I plant things, I like to grow with a practical purpose in mind.  To me that means we are going to eat it, attract something natural, or discourage something pesky.  When we grow I like to make sure we grow from seed when possible, grow native and only use non-invasive plants.  Then my little one wanted to build a fairy garden.  How could I refuse. 

Fairy Gardens at first blush don't seem to have enough of a purpose to inspire me to give it a go.  But I assure you, they have a purpose and it is a pretty magical one.  (Pun cheesy and totally intended) Fairy Gardens provide endless imaginative play opportunities.  They are simple to make and you can make them with both purchased materials and found objects.

First, we found a pot with a wide mouth and some pretty magical plants at our local nursery.   Then we grabbed a few pieces of fairy furniture.  Finally we found some accent stones to make pathways and patios.  We searched long and hard for the perfect fairy house for our garden.  I was so delighted when we found it on amazon.  It was the last piece that we put in.   

It has been absolutely wonderful continue to grow our little fairy village.  It's like a building an outdoor doll house. We have had countless hours of fun imagining, playing, and creating spaces that a fairy might find delightful as a home.  I highly recommend it and you can sneak in a few edibles.


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