Repurposed Water Fountain

Not to long ago we had a storm come through that served up some pretty impressive winds.  Our water fountain got pommelled with debris.  The result of that storm, a significant crack appeared at the base of the fountain that ultimately rendered our fountain out of service.  Rather than send it to the junk yard, I decided to convert it from a fountain to a planter.  I was inspired by a water feature I saw on a recent trip to Disney.    This was my smaller scale effort.

Toss the Electric Components.  Be sure to unplug and remove all of the electrical components of the fountain. 

Drill wholes to ensure drainage.  This is so important.  I drilled several drainage wholes to make sure that water could drain completely from the old fountain turned new planter. 

Plant until your heart is content.  I had so much fun planting colorful butterfly friendly flowers.  I also added some painted bricks made to look like some of our favorite books. 

This is a really simple and fun project.  I don't miss the running water at all.  Happy planting!

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