From Salad to Sand Letters!

I was challenged by Chick-fil-a Mom's Panel to try the new Spicy Southwest Salad and then upcycle the container into something useful for me or my family.  We have been working on our letter recognition and handwriting.  So I turned my salad bowl into a Sand Letter writing station.  It is a hit! It travels beautifully and has provided tons of fun and encouragement.

Here is all you need:

Chick-Fil-A Salad Container
Colored Craft Sand (about 2-3 oz,)
Foam Letters
Hot Glue Gun
Small Chalkboard Label (Optional)
Writing Tools (Optional)

First you will want to wash out your container and allow it to dry completely.  You will notice on your lid that there are four small holes near each corner.  I want this container to be able to travel with sand in it so I closed those holes with 4 small dabs of hot glue.  Next use your foam letters to label the lid.  I choose to go with "Sand Fun".  As an added security measure I made sure that each hole was also covered by a foam letter.  Finally, in the dollar spot of target, I found a package of chalkboard labels.  Originally these labels had a clothes pin attached to the back.  I simply popped the clothes pin off and hot glued it to the raised portion at the center of the lid.  Now all you need to do is add about 2 oz of sand into the base of the bowl.

How to use it:

The chalk board center plate allows me to write a letter to be modeled in the sand when are practicing letters.  Your child can use his or her pointer finger to draw the letter or you can use a popcicle stick. pencil, or pen (I find this particularly useful if you are working on grip).  When you are done simply shake the tray gently and make your next letter.

My little ones loved this so much they drew sand picture and played long after our letter practice was done for the day. 

Alternate use: You could also use this as a discovery box.  Placing small things in the sand that are related to one another.  I know it goes without saying, but be sure that you never leave your child unsupervised with small or sharp items that may present hazards to their safety. 

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