Crispy Kale Chips

Our garden has been producing awesome amounts of Kale.  I am so excited that we are still getting big healthy Kale.  It has been the heartiest cut and come again crop in our concrete bed.  One of our favorite treats is Kale chips.  Kale chips are so easy to make and are a perfect crunchy, munchy snack.  They can be tricky to get just right.  Here are the five secrets to my Kale Chip success.

Secret 1: Start Dry

It's important to thoroughly wash the Kale.  But do this well before you plan on baking your kale chips.  Any water on the leaves will result in a soggy or burned chip.

Secret 2: Size Matters

We have found that our Kale pulls apart easily. You want just the leaf not the stem. This makes it a super fun job for the little ones to do.   Because the Kale will shrink you want to makes sure that your pieces are at least one and half to two inches in size.

Secret 3: Flavor the Oil

I only use about 2 tablespoons of olive oil to coat my Kale chips.  Here is the trick.  I infuse my olive oil with the flavorings that I want on the chips.  My favorite combination is a teaspoon of herbs de provence and a clove of garlic.  I place the dry herbs in a sauce pan on medium-high heat.  As soon as the dry herbs are heated through and I can smell them, I add the olive oil and a clove of fresh minced garlic.  I heat the oil thoroughly without allowing it to boil or bubble.  Once complete, I toss the olive oil into my kale making sure each leaf piecce is well coated but not drenched.

Secret 4: Low and Slow

Pre-heat your oven 275 degrees.  Low and slow is the name of the game.  Bake them in a thin layer on a baking sheet for 10 minutes.  Remove them and flip the leaves over.  This will help to make sure the entire chip is crispy.  Bake for 10 more minutes.

Secret 5: Season Warm.

I add one last layer of flavor by sprinkling a little sea salt or kosher salt as soon as they come out of the oven.  YUM!  These are crispy and delicious.  I would tell you how to store them but I have never had left overs.  Kale chips disappear faster than popcorn in a bowl around here!

Happy Crunching!

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