Decorate Your Own Magic Band!

We love going to Disney World. Magic bands are so much more than your ticket to fun. Now not only can you pick from an array of colors, but you can also purchase specialty bands that have your favorite characters right on them. While those specialty bands are beautiful they can also be cost prohibitive. I have seen do it yourself decorated magic bands around the park and online but I was hesitant to give it try. I am so glad I took the plunge. I decided to use temporary tatoos to personalize our bands in Star Wars style in honor of our next trip and I am thrilled with the result.

What I used:
  1. Water/Cloth
  2. Rubbing Alchol
  3. Temporary Tattos/ Rub-Ons
  4. Scissors
  5. Clear Nail Polish
Now that you have your supplies.  Use the rubbing alchol to thoroughly clean your magic bands.  Allow them to dry.  While they are drying pick out which images you want to transfer. Once selected, it is time to start cutting them out. Make sure you cut the tattoo out as close to the image as you can. You also want to be certain you scale the image to fit on the color portion of your magic band. You do not want your image to overlap onto the outer grey edge. This can lead to puckering.

It's time to place your image on the magic band. Select your spot, double check your fit and then remove the clear plastic from the image face.  Now careful place it on the band. Dampen the wet cloth with water and hold it firmly over the image back for 30 seconds. It's important that you not move, if you goal is a crisp clear image. Remove the white back to reveal your image.  If you are happy with your result, let it dry completey.

Once dry, it is time to seal your design in.  With these my goal was to have a bit of a battle worn look. So I scuffed the finished tattoo a bit before sealing.  When you are happy with your design simply brush clear nail polish over the design and allow to dry completely. Add a final coat of clear nail polish and allow to dry.

That's it!  I have soaked those in water, worn them around the house doing chores and they have held up beautifully.  The best part of this approach is that when you are ready for a new design simply use nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol to start over. I'd love to see your designs and tips.

Be sure to post your finished products.

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