Much Ado about Magic ...

Why do we love going to Disney so often? The magic. Simple, cheesy and true.  It's the magic.  I don't mean the magic of the amazing feats of creativity and imagineering, although they are awesome.  I mean the magic that floats around the air.  It's in the greetings, the attentiveness of the staff, and the wonderfully random conversations you have with new families on the monorail.   It's a certain intangible thing that is unique to Disney.  It's a magic we experienced in a big way at the Starlight Cafe on our recent trip to the park.

The Starlight Cafe is one of our sentimental favorites @ Disney.  It was the first walk up we tried with our little one's post food allergy diagnosis.  As you likely know from my previous blog posts, The Starlight has always rocked taking care of our food allergy needs.   This time was no exception!

It was hot and humid but we had been having a great time, taking frequent breaks, and staying cool.  We had just earned our race licenses at the speedway and decided lunch and a little air conditioning was in order.  We ordered our food, flagged the allergies, and started eating.  About half way through the meal our little started to cough.  It was concerning and a tense time because we hadn't yet determined if it was an asthma flare up or the early stages of a food allergy reaction. 

Our little one hadn't made but one or two coughs when Vivian appeared.  Vivian was one of the cast members sweeping the floors and busing the tables.  She immediately asked if she could help.  We explained that our Son had asthma and food allergies so it could be either.  She was calm and ready to help.  She helped us find staff members that could double check the food he had eaten and stayed right by our side even helping to comfort our son as we administered his medication.  She shared with such warmth from her own experiences with Asthma and showed such genuine compassion.

The food service staff arrived quickly and examined their process, our table and my child's plate looking for any evidence that our child had been exposed to an allergen.  They were calm, non-defensive, completely open, and clearly thinking about the safety of our little first and foremost.  After one manager looked and found nothing, he called for a second set of eyes to re-examine everything.  This all happened in a manner of minutes. 

Perhaps, the most amazing thing is that because of Vivian's attentiveness not once did we have to call for a cast member to help.  The information the food staff provided was essential for our doctors as they treated or little.   Thankfully there was no exposure to an allergen and with proper intervention our little one was on the mend within 24 hours.

So yeah.  It's the magic.  And Vivian is covered in the stuff.


  1. Hello . I was surprised today 6/21/15 at work with a mention of a job well done after either someone found your blog and knew me but to be hones no idea how they found it. Well my day started like a normal day except since i got to my location other cast members started congratulating me and i had no idea why? Well after our daily staff meeting your blog was broadcasted over the monitors and i was surprised of seeing my picture on them and i was congratulated by some of my management team.
    I am glad nothing happened to your son and he was back to normal the next day and enjoying the rest of his trip. Thank you for the kind words on your blog but i was just doing my job and what just any mother would do to help a baby in distress it was just natural to me.

    Thank you again and i hope to see you guys again.

    1. Wonderful! I'm so glad you got the praise you so richly deserved. Have a wonderful summer. :)


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