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Walt Disney World to Add 48,000 Solar Panels

We have clearly established that we are a Disney loving people.  We love taking our Walt Disney World vacations for so many reasons.  Now we can  add 48,000 new solar panels to that ever growing love list!  On Wednesday Reedy Creek Improvement District (that's the Disney Controlled taxing district) voted to accept a 15 year agreement from Duke Power and Disney to build a 20 acre, 5 mega-watt solar farm between world drive and Epcot Center.   The farm's panels will be in the shape of a GIANT Mickey Head.


This is a big step for Disney and a part of them keeping their promise to continue to move towards sustainable energy and innovation.  Disney has already used some solar energy in and around the parks.  Beginning at one of our favorite attractions to experience with the little ones, the theatre @ Epcot's Universe of Energy Exhibit.  They also currently use solar at the Animal and Nutrition Center and in some wardrobe water heating systems.  The new Solar Farm is expected to be completed by the end of the year with construction beginning mid-summer. 

This news comes on the heels of the companies big bus switch to R50 fuel blend in their bus fleet.  This fuel innovation launched Earth Day this year is expected to reduce the fleets green house emissions by 50%.  R50 is a cleaner renewable diesel that is made of cooking oil and non-consumable food waste. 
Even more exciting, Reedy Creek officials, confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel, this only a part of the overall plan to increase sustainable energy.  The larger goals of the group also include building a factory that will convert food scraps into electricity and fertilizer.

Sources: Orlando Sentinal

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