Big Hero 6: Meeting Hiro and Baymax!


Meeting Baymax and Hiro @ Hollywood Studio is without a doubt a treasure hunt.  The meet and greet is located in the back of the 'The Magic of Disney Animation" building.  At present none of the usual character information is available: the app doesn’t list the showing of Baymax and Hiro, it’s not posted on the website or in map schedules.  For this reason, I kept our plan to meet the fluff-tastic robot a secret from my littles.  The secret made it all the more exciting when we walked into Hiro’s work garage!   The astonishment on my little ones faces when they saw that puffy giant enter the room was well worth the wait.

The most consistent information that I have seen is that they appear between twice daily: first at 10 am, then again at 2:30.  It is not a continuous showing.  This means they do close the line.  There are no fast passes available for the meet and greet.  We arrived at 2:30 and were near the front of the line.  We had to try for the afternoon time because we had a character breakfast scheduled that morning.  But, if you can, I recommend you shoot first for the morning slot.  Baymax does take one or two 15 minute breaks to “recharge” his battery during each of the showings.  We saw several of our line mates have to get out of line just before meeting the big guy due to other reservations and such.

All in all we waited just over an hour to meet the duo.    The line is wonderful though.  It offers several photo opportunities with the other hero’s from the film and scenes from the film.  It's relatively quite and provides some fun air conditioned down time.     


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