Label, Say WHAT?

Food Labeling is all too often viewed as simply a marketing tool by corporations focused on selling units of merchandise.  The most important details of our food items are printed in the tiniest of fonts in the faintest of colors and relegated to the most tucked away corner labels if they are listed at all.  It's a terrifying fact that our family and many others are put in immediate and grave danger as a result of these despicable practices.  Take a peek at this very deceptive label to the untrained eye you might think clearly the enormous font heralding a "Nut-Free" product is indication that this product is safe for nut allergy sufferers. But take a peak at the sneaky fine print in the corner. This product is not guaranteed nut-free at all.  The good news is after receiving numerous emails this company is removing the incorrect claim, a change that should reach all of their markets by June.  But the lesson is an important one transparency in labeling is essential. This is not only true for those of us with food allergies.  As consumers it is time for us to send a strong message that we will not purchase food without transparency in labeling. 


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