Happy + Meal Planning ... Say What !?

First a little back story … Meal Planning is one of those things that I have to rev my mama engine to accomplish.  Between trying to coupon, our food allergies, and our focus on eating organic, in season, local food …. Meal planning is no joke.  To be honest I have signed up for and tried sooo many meal planning and nutrition support programs to help do the heavy lifting and every time they have fallen short.  I end up doing more work trying to make their plan work for our family.   You will understand then why I squealed out loud when I learned that Chew Chew Mama one of my favorite blogger mamas is offering a terrific new program called, The Happy Eating Club.  Even more exciting she has teamed up with weelicious menus and is offering 30 days of free meal planning when you sign up for the Happy Eating Club. 


A few things you should know about Chew Chew mama.  She is a mama with some pretty awesome credentials.  She is a clinically trained speech language pathologist and feeding specialist.    We share a common bond of having a child with food allergies and I have always found her advice to be both helpful and realistic in the real world. 
Don't forget to use the code: FACEBOOK30 to save 30% on your enrollment! 


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