5 Things “Know-It-All” Moms Do that Drive Me Nuts!

Recently, my Facebook newsfeed has been hit with a barrage of negative, condescending blogs boasting “know it all” content with a diabolical mix of relatable real life stories and deprecating content.  Typically, I just add my thoughts on the matter to this blog post and leave it in draft.  But I’ve decided to quote the words forever echoing in most parent of little one's head to...  "Let IT GO, Let IT GO!".  So here we go ... The 5 things that just drive me nuts about Know-It-All Mom Bloggers.

Number 1

Watch out! Her pants are on fire. You know that moment you are reading a blog post and your realize that the blogger is saying how little she cares about those dark and sinister people who don’t like her moment to moment pics of her kids and causes.  Ummm … the elephant in the room is she just wrote a post about them. I think she cares.   She cares a lot. 


It’s so hard in this social media world to do the real work to make sure we are not defining our worth in likes and shares.  It's truly sad to me that some people define their real life friendships around such things.  As much as posts like this drive me nuts.  They also make me want to give her a hug and latte.


Number 2

Being mean is not sarcasm.  I love a smart, sarcastic read to have a slight wicked giggle every now and again.  One of my favorite blogs for such anecdotes is the scary mommy blog.  So I'm definitely not speaking to those anecdotal bloggers.  But come on some bloggers pretend like being sarcastic is an excuse to use words like well-crafted weapons.  Congratulations to her on somehow managing to float into adulthood without earning one ounce of humility or compassion for people that she deems different.  In high school, I might have fallen for that mean girl mentality, but not today. 


Today, I read posts with discernment.  While I freely admit these divisive articles do sometimes get under my skin.  (Exhibit A: This blog post)  I don’t believe in fueling their fire with my comments, likes, and shares.  It's just not worth it. 


Number 3

When exactly did we elect her Captain Bossy Pants?  I must have missed that. I’m just going to say it.  She doesn’t speak for me and I seriously doubt that she turns her own listening ears on often.  Know it All bloggers represent themselves as the beacon of truth for parenthood with "articles" proclaiming the top 5 and 10 things we all dislike as parents.  But, guess what I’m a parent and I often disagree. For one, I appreciate the "ehem .. experienced" lady that gives me advice in the grocery store line ... even if it's not always relevant.  I respect her experience and occasionally have walked away with a great tip or two.  Even when I don't garner any great life lessons ... "Kind words are easy to speak and their echos are endless".  It doesn't take much to smile kindly and walk away. (Yeah, I just snuck a Mother Teresa quote in there. You have seen my cheesy inspirationally quote board on Pintrest, right?)


Number 4

Speaking of Pintrest. All shades of green are not a pretty.  Gorgeous pictures, well-crafted how to articles, and Pinterest itself don’t intimidate me.   I'm an empowered, well educated mama.  Okay, yes.  I have had that moment when I see an amazing mom on Pinterest with a perfectly manicured house and I have played that dangerous comparison game.  In my opinion, that is on me not the blogger.  When those nasty, feelings of inferiority stop by for a visit, I kick them out.  I take a breath, a step back, and remember that I am well able to be the best mom for my little ones.  


Other moms don’t define who I am.  I do.  I choose the content I read and I choose to be inspired and uplifted by moms who sometimes write more eloquently,  make prettier cakes and rock out a lesson plan.  The joy is in the journey.  I choose to allow myself to listen to voices that find success even in failure and uplift others not tear down and marginalize. 


Number 5

Judge me by my crunchy, do you?  Well, Mama, sometimes your salty is a little to much for me.  Yes, I have seen them, those undeniably salty and targeted posts that proclaim the faults of those of us in the blogasphere that use cloth diapers, from scratch recipes, and un-paper towels.  If you have read my blog for any length of time you know I boldly confess to being a work in progress.  I don't know it all, but I'm happy to share from my experience.  I'm inspired by all different kinds of moms, dads, teachers, grandparents, farmers, cooks, and gardeners.  And they were willing to share from their experience with me.  In that spirit, I write my blog.


The environment is very important us.  Sharing what we are learning about good stewardship and eating clean, safe foods is a staple around here.  Stick around and I'll prove that you can eat and cook real allergy friendly food in 30 minutes or less, you can reduce your waste by purchasing or making environmentally friendly products, and eating local organics is both doable and awesome. 

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, liking and sharing this semi-crunchy, no where close to knowing it all mama's blog posts.  I am so grateful for you.  There is so much positive and informative stuff in our blogasphere and it's because you are awesome!  Thanks for Wasting Nothing!

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