5 Things About Me ... that might suprise you.

I'm joining in on the 5 things about me fun this week!  So here we go ..

1.  I love my messy house.  It's messy.  We do stuff here, fun stuff, messy stuff. 

2  Chocolate Peppermint Luna bars may soon qualify as a religion in my book.

3.  I love watching TV and playing video games with my kiddos.  I know, I know we maybe should be totally unplugged.  But we aren't.  I just find it so fun and relaxing. Movie and game nights rock. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

4.  I like sewing without a pattern.  Figuring it out is just more fun to me. 

5. My boys and I went on a muddy, wet picnic today ... on purpose.  It's grey overcast, windy and rainy ... and we loved it!

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The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

Playing, cooking, reading, exploring, loving, laughing, and making a mess with your little one is NEVER a waste of time! It is priority one! It's not just about getting to know your little one. It's about letting your little one get to know you!