Road Trip Tote!

I finished my latest sewing adventure without injury! These Road Trip Bags are a hit.  The project is a pretty simple one but I ...of coarse ... overthought it.  It took me a couple of days to get it done. I essentially pieced together a binder style bag with a ribbon closure and handles for carrying.  My goal was to have a place to house the tablets, flannel & magnet boards, magazines, books, puzzles, sunglasses and a snack packs.   

I love all the bags and totes that store kids things on the back of the front row car seats; however, they don't work for our car.  When my littles are strapped in to their car seats properly, they can't reach a thing.  Toddler can see toy + Toddler can't reach toy = A car ride that requires headphones for mama.

My goal was to make something that could store easily in an organizing bin on the center seat.  I am also hoping the bags will hold the high priority things of today and tomorrow. So far the bags are getting a lot of use around the house and I am looking forward to seeing how the fair on the open road.  One of the perks to giving this a go on my own was that I was able to use the thickness and type of batting that I wanted.  Since I plan for these bags to hold the electronics of today and the potential electronics of tomorrow I ensured that there was ample protection sewn into each pocket lining and the exterior.  I am adding my pattern to our printables page if you want to see my exact measurements and cuts and such.  Be sure to use a walking foot if you use my lining plan.  Happy sewing!

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