Quick and Easy Felt Pizza!

Have you ever had one of those nights where you know you should head straight to bed, but you put the laundry in the wash way too late and need to wait up for it to finish?  Well, I had one of those nights recently and instead of doing something productive ... I played with my old Nintendo DS.  It was wonderfully nostalgic.  Then, I got inspired while playing a game in which you have to prep, cook, and serve an entire restaurant of costumers.   What a fun real life game this would be for the kids.  We could do it with pizza.  My kids love to make and eat real pizza.  You can check out our favorite pizza recipe here.  I mean we could practice counting, motor skills, and balance.  Then the thought of the real life mess hit me.  That's when I decided to make felt pizzas.  No mess and no compromising on all the fun.  The process I used was really simple.  Here is how I did it. 

The Supply List:
- Felt: 2 shades Red, Yellow, White, 2 shades of Brown, Tan
- Sewing Machine and Thread or Hot Glue Gun

The How To:
The Crust: to make the crust I cut 2 pieces of brown felt into circles.  I sewed them together leaving a tiny opening so that I could turn the felt inside out.  I did not cut the access felt before turning.  Leaving that lip on the interior helps to give the "dough" a crust.  Once I turned & closed, I stitched a circle just inside the fabric.  This step gives the dough a fun crust like edge.  (I do think you could accomplish this with a glue gun also, but the stitching works best to create a crust)
The Tomato Sauce: Cut out a blob of red felt.  Yep, that's it.
The Cheese: I cut out several strings of yellow and white felt then sewed them onto a blob of tan felt. This is a step that I think could easily be done with a glue gun and have no impact on the final result.  
The Peperoni: Cut out small circles of a slightly different shade of red felt.  Done.

Now it's time to play. We had so much fun taking turns being the chef and costumer.  "That will be one peperoni pizza with 5 pepperonis, please."  :)  If you would like a copy of my template I am popping it out on our printables page.  Happy playing!

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  1. Cute idea: no mess, math, and manners. :)


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