Love in a Mason Jar ...

Flowers are a staple of valentines day and they are a perfect tool to start conversations about diversity, inclusion, and individuality with the little ones.  Today, we made three arrangements.  One for each little one and one that we are taking over to two of these littles biggest fans as a valentine gift.

We started by sorting our cutting and prepping our flowers for arranging.  If your little one is old enough they can help cut stems and peel back leaves.

While we were prepping the flowers some of the conversation starting questions I used where.
- What do you see?
- How do they feel?
- How do they smell?
- Are they all the same color?
- Are they all the same shape?
- Are they all the same size?
- Do you have a favorite flower?

As soon as your mason jars and flowers are prepped, start arranging.  We started with each little arranging his own bouquet.

Now it was time to really dig in.  As the littles where having a blast making their bouquets, we made the transition to talking about us. The first conversation starter I used was, "How are we like these flowers?"  My favorite answer came from my littlest fellow ... "Well, you are so beautiful too" and then he named almost every member of our family and quite a few friends and himself as beautiful too .(After I recovered from my completely melted state) My happy answer was you are right! We are beautiful. We each have unique gifts that make us special and beautiful.  :)   I guided the conversation back to thinking about how the flowers are different colors, sizes and shapes just like we are.  They are all different but all beautiful and so are we.

Next, we moved on to making our collaborative bouquet.   And I started a new conversation about the two bouquets already completed.  "What do you notice then the flowers are all together?"  My favorite answer came from my big man, "They are so happy together! It's a FAMILY."  Even though they are all still different they have come together to make something really special, haven't they? Having conversations with little ones about diversity and inclusion is easy, heart melting and fun!  I highly recommend it!! Happy Valentines!!


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  1. Love it. What a creative way to engage children in a character-building life lesson.
    Love their responses along the way, too.
    "Out of the mouths of babes."


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