It's a snap!

We make a lot of messes around here.  As a result, we use too many paper towels.  I have tried in the past to switch to pure cloth in the kitchen, but I always seem to back slide.  The primary reason is that I have very little room to store a bunch of random rags in my kitchen.  Not to mention, when the latest spill strikes, I have even less patience to hunt down the rags I have tucked into every nook and cranny of the kitchen.  DIY "Un-Paper Towels" are a terrific solution and a snap to make. 

This project is SIMPLE.  Just cut, sew, top stitch and add your snaps! If you are in search of an affordable, complete snap kit, check out this one on amazon: Bundle - 2 items: Starter Pack KAM Plastic Snap Setting Pliers & Awl Set with 100 Complete KAM Plastic Snap Sets .

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