Grandaddy Bags

My Dad is a conservationist at heart.  As such, he does a great deal of fun exploring that is right up my boys alley.  It came as little surprise to me when my oldest asked me for a "Granddaddy bag" so that he could tote "his rocks, sticks, leaves and lizards". 

Granddaddy usually hikes with messenger bag that he uses for cataloging and his  general Granddaddy awesomeness.  I struggled to find reasonable messenger bags for little ones.  After spending some time examining his bag, I became convinced that I could sew something that would fit the bill.  I was able to scale the bags to fit each explorer which means much to my delight I don't end up by the end of the hike holding the bag(s)... literally.

This project was super simple and tons of fun. I will upload my pattern to our printable page if you would like to see how I did it.  Two tips I think are most important ... #1 Use a heavy outer fabric.  #2 Adjust the size of both the body of the bag and the strap to suite your wee one.  Happy exploring!!

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