I sewed my first Kitchen Wet Bag!

Now simply tuck the PUL lining into the bag.  Be sure to tumble your wet bag in the dryer on high for about 20 minutes to recondition the PUL after sewing.  Also, it is best to use a polyester thread.  I love this bag for collecting our unpaper towels, dish rags and sponges.  :)


It's a snap!

We make a lot of messes around here.  As a result, we use too many paper towels.  I have tried in the past to switch to pure cloth in the kitchen, but I always seem to back slide.  The primary reason is that I have very little room to store a bunch of random rags in my kitchen.  Not to mention, when the latest spill strikes, I have even less patience to hunt down the rags I have tucked into every nook and cranny of the kitchen.  DIY "Un-Paper Towels" are a terrific solution and a snap to make. 

This project is SIMPLE.  Just cut, sew, top stitch and add your snaps! If you are in search of an affordable, complete snap kit, check out this one on amazon: Bundle - 2 items: Starter Pack KAM Plastic Snap Setting Pliers & Awl Set with 100 Complete KAM Plastic Snap Sets .


Zero Copay Epi-pens from Mylan

We are so grateful to have our epi-pens.  They are an essential part of our emergency allergy plan.  Even with insurance the cost of an epi-pen can be startling.  Thankfully, last year Mylan began offering Zero copy cards.  These cards offer up to $100 off of your costs not covered by insurance.  To get your card simply head to this site: the card is valid through the end of the year.


Quick and Easy Felt Pizza!

Have you ever had one of those nights where you know you should head straight to bed, but you put the laundry in the wash way too late and need to wait up for it to finish?  Well, I had one of those nights recently and instead of doing something productive ... I played with my old Nintendo DS.  It was wonderfully nostalgic.  Then, I got inspired while playing a game in which you have to prep, cook, and serve an entire restaurant of costumers.   What a fun real life game this would be for the kids.  We could do it with pizza.  My kids love to make and eat real pizza.  You can check out our favorite pizza recipe here.  I mean we could practice counting, motor skills, and balance.  Then the thought of the real life mess hit me.  That's when I decided to make felt pizzas.  No mess and no compromising on all the fun.  The process I used was really simple.  Here is how I did it. 

The Supply List:
- Felt: 2 shades Red, Yellow, White, 2 shades of Brown, Tan
- Sewing Machine and Thread or Hot Glue Gun

The How To:
The Crust: to make the crust I cut 2 pieces of brown felt into circles.  I sewed them together leaving a tiny opening so that I could turn the felt inside out.  I did not cut the access felt before turning.  Leaving that lip on the interior helps to give the "dough" a crust.  Once I turned & closed, I stitched a circle just inside the fabric.  This step gives the dough a fun crust like edge.  (I do think you could accomplish this with a glue gun also, but the stitching works best to create a crust)
The Tomato Sauce: Cut out a blob of red felt.  Yep, that's it.
The Cheese: I cut out several strings of yellow and white felt then sewed them onto a blob of tan felt. This is a step that I think could easily be done with a glue gun and have no impact on the final result.  
The Peperoni: Cut out small circles of a slightly different shade of red felt.  Done.

Now it's time to play. We had so much fun taking turns being the chef and costumer.  "That will be one peperoni pizza with 5 pepperonis, please."  :)  If you would like a copy of my template I am popping it out on our printables page.  Happy playing!


Love in a Mason Jar ...

Flowers are a staple of valentines day and they are a perfect tool to start conversations about diversity, inclusion, and individuality with the little ones.  Today, we made three arrangements.  One for each little one and one that we are taking over to two of these littles biggest fans as a valentine gift.

We started by sorting our cutting and prepping our flowers for arranging.  If your little one is old enough they can help cut stems and peel back leaves.

While we were prepping the flowers some of the conversation starting questions I used where.
- What do you see?
- How do they feel?
- How do they smell?
- Are they all the same color?
- Are they all the same shape?
- Are they all the same size?
- Do you have a favorite flower?

As soon as your mason jars and flowers are prepped, start arranging.  We started with each little arranging his own bouquet.

Now it was time to really dig in.  As the littles where having a blast making their bouquets, we made the transition to talking about us. The first conversation starter I used was, "How are we like these flowers?"  My favorite answer came from my littlest fellow ... "Well, you are so beautiful too" and then he named almost every member of our family and quite a few friends and himself as beautiful too .(After I recovered from my completely melted state) My happy answer was you are right! We are beautiful. We each have unique gifts that make us special and beautiful.  :)   I guided the conversation back to thinking about how the flowers are different colors, sizes and shapes just like we are.  They are all different but all beautiful and so are we.

Next, we moved on to making our collaborative bouquet.   And I started a new conversation about the two bouquets already completed.  "What do you notice then the flowers are all together?"  My favorite answer came from my big man, "They are so happy together! It's a FAMILY."  Even though they are all still different they have come together to make something really special, haven't they? Having conversations with little ones about diversity and inclusion is easy, heart melting and fun!  I highly recommend it!! Happy Valentines!!



Road Trip Tote!

I finished my latest sewing adventure without injury! These Road Trip Bags are a hit.  The project is a pretty simple one but I ...of coarse ... overthought it.  It took me a couple of days to get it done. I essentially pieced together a binder style bag with a ribbon closure and handles for carrying.  My goal was to have a place to house the tablets, flannel & magnet boards, magazines, books, puzzles, sunglasses and a snack packs.   

I love all the bags and totes that store kids things on the back of the front row car seats; however, they don't work for our car.  When my littles are strapped in to their car seats properly, they can't reach a thing.  Toddler can see toy + Toddler can't reach toy = A car ride that requires headphones for mama.

My goal was to make something that could store easily in an organizing bin on the center seat.  I am also hoping the bags will hold the high priority things of today and tomorrow. So far the bags are getting a lot of use around the house and I am looking forward to seeing how the fair on the open road.  One of the perks to giving this a go on my own was that I was able to use the thickness and type of batting that I wanted.  Since I plan for these bags to hold the electronics of today and the potential electronics of tomorrow I ensured that there was ample protection sewn into each pocket lining and the exterior.  I am adding my pattern to our printables page if you want to see my exact measurements and cuts and such.  Be sure to use a walking foot if you use my lining plan.  Happy sewing!


Baby Be Mine GIVEAWAY!!

Join our friends for an awesome Baby Be Mine Give-a-way. Wednesday, Feb. 12th until to Feb. 19th.

The prize pack includes...
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Grandaddy Bags

My Dad is a conservationist at heart.  As such, he does a great deal of fun exploring that is right up my boys alley.  It came as little surprise to me when my oldest asked me for a "Granddaddy bag" so that he could tote "his rocks, sticks, leaves and lizards". 

Granddaddy usually hikes with messenger bag that he uses for cataloging and his  general Granddaddy awesomeness.  I struggled to find reasonable messenger bags for little ones.  After spending some time examining his bag, I became convinced that I could sew something that would fit the bill.  I was able to scale the bags to fit each explorer which means much to my delight I don't end up by the end of the hike holding the bag(s)... literally.

This project was super simple and tons of fun. I will upload my pattern to our printable page if you would like to see how I did it.  Two tips I think are most important ... #1 Use a heavy outer fabric.  #2 Adjust the size of both the body of the bag and the strap to suite your wee one.  Happy exploring!!

The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

Playing, cooking, reading, exploring, loving, laughing, and making a mess with your little one is NEVER a waste of time! It is priority one! It's not just about getting to know your little one. It's about letting your little one get to know you!