Spelling Stones ...

I saw an idea similar to this  floating around Pintrest that I could never find again.  I thought my boys would go bananas for it.   I was right.  The version I saw on Pintrest provided only one word written on a small set of stones.  But my oldest loves to put together words himself from the full array of the alphabet and my littlest is doing lots of great work learning to identify capital and lower case letter companions and sounds.  So I opted to by a few bags of decorator stones from the dollar store.  I made 3 sets of capital and small alphabet stones.  I had some spare stones so I added a few additional common letters.  They play with the stones in so many different and wonderful ways.  My oldest often leaves me notes on the play table.  My youngest loves spotting letters and sounding out words artfully arranged by myself and his brother.  But they also love to use them to build mountains, rivers, and streams during pretend play.  And they just love the sensory experience of it all. 

So are you ready for the hard work it takes to build this wonder toy.  Here it is in two steps.

1 - Purchase about 3 bags of decorator stones from the dollar store.  (Yep ... that should come out to about $3)

2 - Get out your paint pens and get to writing.  I allowed mine to dry overnight all though that was probably excessive. 

You are Done!  Happy Spelling! 

No time to run to the store: Grab what you need from Amazon:

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