A pinch and a dash of Gratitude!

It can feel like the entire discussion on the subject of gratitude is a bit over done.  But honestly, it is one of the best practices I have found to stay productive, focus on joy, and get the energy boost I need to manage the day to day.  This New Year's my dad gave us a big mason jar to be our gratitude jar for the year.  I now keep it on the dining room table with a crayon and little slips of paper so that I will remember to write down a daily gratitude statement.  I don't do this religiously, but just looking at the already nearly full jar sitting on our dining room table is all the reminder I need some days.  Then there are days like yesterday; when I get an extra boost!  As I was writing down some of the things I am grateful for, my youngest son came in with a crayon grabbed a slip and started scribbling on it while saying, "Happy for elmo. Happy for favorite shoes."  So I wrote both things on his paper.  He then crumpled it up and tossed it into the mason jar.  :)  I added one more thought to my gratitude statement...  "I am grateful for unexpected little helpers!"

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The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

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