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As splash park play dates and summer fun get under way I am called to remember a precious family and little playmate taken to soon. Today June 6th is the day that Charlie went to heaven.  This year Kate asked that we commemorate Charlie's heaven day by sending biodegradable wildlife safe floating lanterns to heaven in honor of his life.  Since I have class today, I elected to take my boys and my niece out to the beach yesterday evening to send our lanterns in honor of Charlie.   In Chinese culture red symbolizes joy and energy and white symbolizes mourning. We sent one of each.

I have no words to express how cold the truth of Charlie's passing is to me.  How it shakes me to my core even still to embrace the reality of a beautiful, wonderful boy taken from the loving arms his mother and father at such a tender age.  From the moment this tragedy occurred there have been no words that have ever been able to bring light to the darkness of this moment.  All the platitudes that I have thought seem empty and hollow against void.  The truth of the embrace of eternal, everlasting love is all that comes close to shining through for me. 

As we giggled and struggled to figure out how to get the lanterns off in a fairly windy day one of the guys from the guard station came to join us.  (We had contacted them ahead of time since we were at the beach ... if you decide to this it's important you notify the lifeguards or Coast Guard so they do not mistake your tribute for a flare)  We successfully sent 2 out of the 3 up.  As I watched them almost magically drift towards the cloud a few tears found their way to my cheek and I said "Thank You, God for Charlie and for holding him and his family."  My son looked at me and said "Can I have a big hug."  The answer was a resounding yes and a group hug that included the poor little guy from the guard station.

To learn more about Charlie and his awesome family you can check out Kate's Blog: shop at her etsy store for some precious baby blankets, toddler aprons, bags and more:

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