Montesorri Printshop Give-Away!!

I know we say it a lot but it's true!! There are so many reasons to love Montesorri Print Shop!  We use so many of their awesome printables in our daily activities and lessons.  This summer they have added one more reason they rock to the list! They are sponsoring a terrific give away.  Check out the link here:

What's up for grabs?

Deluxe 2 Disc CD Rom Collection includes:
  • 1287 printable Montessori Materials
    • all materials are in pdf file format
  • 4 Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals in pdf file format
    • Practical Life
    • Sensorial
    • Language
    • Math
This collection includes ALL of the materials in our store:
1.   Primary Teaching Manuals
2.   Classified Cards & Picture Cards (vocabulary enrichment)
3.   Culture
:Celebrations, Music, Peace, Visual Arts
4.   World Geography
5.   Language: Pre-Reading, Moveable Alphabet,
Phonics, Pink Blue Green Series
6.   Grammar: Primary (3-6 years), Elementary Grammar Box (6-9 years)
7.   Math: Intro to Numbers, Operations, Extensions, Geometry
8.   Nomenclature: Botany, Zoology, Other (Health, Science, etc)
9.   Science : Animals, Astronomy, Plants, Science, Weather
10. Sensorial
11. Teacher & Administration
12. Toddler

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