Not So Extreme Couponing

Sometime over the holidays, I marveled watching an extreme couponing show on TLC.  It is amazing to me to see the commitment, focus, and success of those extreme couponers.  It is thrilling to watch!  While I am inspired by the savings, there are a few barriers that will always keep me from joining the ranks of extreme couponers. 

Chief amoung these barriers is our commitment to organic, allergy friendly foods.  It prohibits what seems to be the number one rule for extreme couponers; throw out brand loyality.  I spend A LOT of time researching brands their facilities, food saftey policies and allergy statements.  When I find brands that I trust, I am loyal ... always double checking, but loyal.

One of the moms featured was both vegan and focused on organic eating and that got me researching.  I discovered that while it is true that most of the mind blowing 80-90% saving deals would be ridiculously out of reach for our allergy family the average "casual couponer" saves 10%-30% on thier grocery bill.  That was good enough for me to give it a try.  :)

We are now a month in and I can safely say we are seeing great results and not just in the budget.  I am sticking to clipping coupons for brands that we trust and use.  I follow the technique of collecting the weekly flyers and not clipping them until I need them.  Week 2 of coupon clipping my oldest climbed up to help.  It is proving to be a great way to play together.  He is now really great at finding the right coupons and cutting them out without snipping barcode/sku.  :) It's also a great way to practice reading, letter and number identification.  :) Who knew?!

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