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It's official montessori monday is back!  Today, i'm going to talk about my beloved montesorri mats. If you have seen true montesorri mats they can be a bit pricey.  Inspired by the Montesorri @ Home Curriculum, I decided until we can afford an upgrade to make my own.  I simply cut out shelf liner to the appropriate size and scale.  They have been wonderful.

As with almost everything there was a bit of a learning curve for both myself and the littles.  There was a time about a year ago that I couldn't have imagined independent play with the mats.  Regardless of my doubts, I used them everytime I taught a 3 part lesson. It is a great way to visually mark the begining and end of a task.  It is also a great way to define personal or working space.

Then it happened.  My oldest son and niece started using them all the time when they want to create space for themselves and create without interuption.  As our youngest started toddling we faced challenge next.  Two bigger littles who use the mats well and one little one who is just begining to understand the process.  Primarily my littlest simply enjoys rolling and unrolling the mats when on his own.    He doesn't always respect the bigger littles space, but a good percentage of the time he does.

Do you use montessorri mats at home?

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