Water Play & Color Mixing!

Water play always seem to be a great way to entertain, engage and educate my littles.  I have seen a great many ideas for using water play to teach color mixing theory.  I have tried a lot of them.  They worked wonderfully and proved to be great fun.  However, most of them involved using multiple vessels full of water.  In our house that tends to lead to less time exploring color theory and water and more time exploring how to quickly mop the floor before the baby slips.  Then I had an idea. 

I use a BPA free take a long lunch box with three comparments.  I fill all three compartments with water and the tint the two smaller compartments with two easily mixable colors (i.e. red/blue, yellow/blue, yellow,red).  Then I provide mixing and pouring tools (i.e. a measuring cup that fits into all compartents, a spoon, little dipping ladel) It's amazing how much longer and independent the play for my littlest became as a result of the change.  It's also amazing how many dishes I can get done while he happily makes purple!!

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The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

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