The Utlimate Sensory Bin ...

We spend a good amount of time planning sensory bins and multi-sensory learning activities. But I am always humbled by how impactful and simple it can be to create amazing sensory experience by doing little more than opening the front door.  The outdoors truley are the ultimate sensory experience.  Recently, our signing play group took a trip to a local farm.  The wide open spaces, piles of hay, and dried corn swimming pools where a fantastic sensory eperience for littles and bigs of all ages.  The scale of outdoor environments like farms, hiking trails, and nature preserves are awesome! 
There is something unmistakable and irreplaceable about experiences like a day at a real working farm.  Even so ... there are tons of simple ways you can bring a little bit of the magic home.  One of our friends had the brilliant idea to use thier inflatable swimming pool as a scaled down version of the corn swimming pools at the farm.  She was able to get dried corn at a local hunting/feed store.  You could also consider using dried rice or bird seed.  With any of these options though you do have to be attentive to ensure that your littles are not mouthing or eating the corn, seed, or rice.  All of these items present a choking hazard to little ones.  Happy digging!! 

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The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

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