"I Spy" Christmas Ornaments

Around the holidays I always feel the incredible draw to make ornaments with my littles.  There are so many great ways create fun memories and create cherished keepsakes.  These ornaments are one of my new favorites.  They are super simple to make and the kiddos can truley be hands on the whole time.  Even better they don't break so the littles can enjoy sensory play with them long after the crafting is done.  Thanks PAHM for the inspiration!

Pouring the sand in is a favorite part for my littles.  :) One of the great things about pouring in the sand first is that helps to stabalize the ornament when your little is adding there found objects.  However, for my youngest, I let him put in pom poms and found objects first, because he is super excited about dumping things these days. :)

Let your littles explore and put whatever items they can fit and love into the ornament. 

When the ornament is complete add the metal top.  If you think they are completely done adding items you can hot glue the top on bulb.  The terrific thing about the sand is that it helps to add to the sensory nature of the ornament.  Since the bulb is not glass they can shake it and identify sounds as well as move the sand around the ornament to find the items they have tucked inside!

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