A Boy and His Cupcake!

This year at Veg Fest, I discovered a local bakery, Sweet Theory, slated to open in late November.  As a mom with a little one with and egg and peanut allergy I usually pay ZERO attention bakeries.  In the two years since our allergy diagnosis, I have not found one bakery store front that confidently accomodates food allergies.

Here is what knocked my socks off about this place ... not only is it organic and vegan (by definition egg free!) ... it is top 8 allergy friendly!!  We made it a priority to head out and support this local pot of gold for allergy families.  Not only was I blown away by the knowledgable and welcoming staff; but I was also amazed at the HUGE variety of delicious treats!  If you haven't been and are in the Jacksonville Metro area ... add this to your must do list this holiday season!  You can head to thier facebook page here: Sweet Theory on Facebook ... Show that like button some love, allergy mamas!!  :)

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