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I normally don't make political blog posts. Don't be too scared ... I really don't consider this one to be "political" in the here is who I'm voting for way. It's really about my 3 year old and one of his toys. I know I sound like a broken record, about Play @ Home Mom rocking the bloggersphere for moms. But they do and I get a great deal of inspiration from those ladies. One of their product recommendations is this collection of multicultural dolls sold at discount school supply. I ordered a set during one of their sales and I'm so happy to have them. All the little ones that come over love playing with them. While, I don't think the resemblance is great, my son started calling one of them Mr. President. I love it. It's adorable. He often has the president set up to give a speech to crab, frog, and Thomas the tank engine. He also loves to read with him. I had to fight back laughing the other day while making dinner listening to him as he said, "Now Mr. Prezident ... what you see on this pages?" I personally think it's cute and I think that teaching our little ones to respect our democracy, government, and those who serve in the military and in political office is important.

The other day he wanted to take Mr. President to the store with us. We had a ton of running around and while I normally would hold fast to the rule that his toy needed to stay at home ... I waivered. While we were at the store, he asked Mr. President to help him count the marshmallows in a bag. At that moment a gentlemen on the isle with us made a point to stop and tell my 3 year old that, "If that was Obama he would have a better chance of asking the marshmallows to count themselves." I smiled said "excuse us" and began to push my cart as far away from this guy as possible. As we go I and everyone else in the store hears the man yell, "What kinda mom gives a kid a doll of that <<insert expletive here>>." Really?!? So we just headed to fruits and veggies and waited an appropriate amount of time to head back for the rest of our marshmallows. Yes, I needed that many marshmallows :) We had a serious volume of Rice Krispy Pumpkins to make for trunker treat!!

Then today I see a Facebook post made by I mom I totally respect. It's a picture of bumper sticker showing an extremely unflattering picture of the president calling him that same expletive I heard slung at me across the grocery store ... her caption: "Best Bumper Sticker, EVER!". That pic keeps popping up in my newsfeed because other moms I really like and respect liked the thing. Really?!? What offends me isn't necessarily the political viewpoint (I know it happens on both sides of any political debate) It is the choice in communicating the viewpoint.

Here is the thing. No, I don't believe that politicians are saints. Yes, I believe most of them make concessions that leave many of their campaign trail promises in the dust. Yet, I am proud to be an American. To live in a country where free speech is aloud and encouraged. (Which does mean in a wierd way I love that random guy can share his explitives to my 3 year old and all of publix without fear of imprisonment).  I also think it is important for us to choose responsible speech. We are missing something in all of this name calling and posturing, something big. How can we expect our children to rise above bullying and elitist behavior if we continue to set the example that as long as you are calling your president or his opponent names it is A-Okay ,,, just not your friends on the playground or siblings. In my house, once elected be it the republican or democratic candidate, the person in office will be called Mr. President and with that very hard job will come well deserved respect.

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