Sprout School Planner Printable

As promised, I have posted my planner page templates to the printables tab. The document includes four planning pages. See a brief description for each listed below.

Page 1: My Weekly Planner: This is my planner with the subject content areas and titles I currently use. 

Page 2: Goals & Observations: I use this little template to journal my experience with tot school activities.  In the first column (activity/skill) I list the activity, in the second (goals) what I think we will learn, in the third (observations) what we actually learn, and in the fourth (child interest) I note the interest of the littles.  (i.e. did the have fun with montessori activities are they choosing to self start the activity or are they actively using learn skills and knowledge.)

Page 3: Support Materials Check List: I use this list to double check that I have everything in house that I need for that weeks lesson.

Page 4: Weekly Planner Template: Based on a reader request I am providing a blank weekly planner template.  It is essentially my weekly planner without my content areas pre-popped.  Enjoy!

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