Montesorri Monday: Laundry Day

My oldest has always loved laundry.  Typically, the clean clothes basket if unmanaged quickly, fast becomes a mountain to climb or a pile of leaves to hide in!  During our practical life activities we have been working on all sorts of things like sorting, pouring, and measuring during play.  But I decided it might be time to put some of that theory to work.  My little one loves to help me out around the house.  But sometimes slowing down enough to accept his help can be a challenge.  Realistically, there is a certain level of observation that will always be required when you are talking about ones so little taking on tasks that, frankly, can be so big that I have psych myself up them.  :) 

None-the-less we decided to add his laundry to my oldest to do lists.  He was ecstatic when I asked him if he wanted to wash his clothes!  He ran to his hamper, grabbed it and carried into the laundry room.  I lifted the basket to the top of the dryer and said okay drop your clothes in.  He had a blast!  And a memory of a good time for almost every outfit that went in.  Then we measured out the detergent and he poured it into the dispenser.  I pointed out which buttons to push and away we went!  We watched the clothes wash for quite a while.  We have a top loader so it would be impossible for my little to fish out the we clothes ... hehehe ... I can barely reach the small loads.  So when the wash cycle was done I pulled them into the hamper and had him toss them into the dryer.

Next step: Folding!  I am setting up a few play based activities to help us practice and develop the skill before adding that to his tiny to do's.  While it takes a bit more time and attention to accept little helpers, I have to admit that I actually look forward to doing the boys laundry now.  Primarily, because I have this adorable little one that asks me nearly every morning, "Is it Laundry Day?!?" Here is hoping that his enthusiasm lasts!!

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