Mama Needs a Nap!

I hope if you have spent some time on my blog you realize that I adore being a mama!  I love my family! I even love my job!  But sometimes the grueling nature of the day-to-day, frankly, smacks me in the face.   I end up what I like to call, "Mama Road Kill".  I know it's graphic, but it quite adequately describes my flat lined energy level.

A few weeks ago, I was positively energy zapped and man oh man did I ever need a nap!  To be honest, it's not that common of a state for me.  I am an extravert by nature so being around people, especially fellow parents, typically leaves me feeling rested, inspired, and ready for another day.  But, I found myself on a thursday staring down a playdate like it had a pox.  I love PLAYDATES!  It had nothing to do with not really wanting to be there and everything to do with the foggy-groggy funk I was giving in to. 

The recipe went something like this: Take 1.5 weeks and add in four awesome work events, 2 your leading the whole sha-bang playdates, 2 twitter parties, 2 birthday parties, plus all the usual mama duties with 1 part stressful work email, 3 kiddo dr. appts (including allergy testing) and boom!  It was a knock out!  I find it strange even writing it.  Realistically, 91% of what was going on rocked. 

But, I was drained.  I made it to the playdate ... 15 minutes late and looking every bit the "Mama Road Kill" I was feeling.  My mommy friends are awesome and the playdate was wonderful.  None-the-less, it still barely made a dent in re-charging my dead as a doornail mama battery.  As I was heading back to the house thinking about the lunch I needed to make, naps to be navigated, diapers to washed, sheets to be changed, meetings yet to attend, and so on ... I started to consider just how much planning and contingency planning I do. I contingency plan for my little ones to have down time, mood swings and sick days.  I essentially do the same for my hubby.  I have strategies in place to ensure all the work gets done ... be it planned work or unexpected work.  What I don't have is a contingency plan to help me fight mama fatigue.  <insert gasp here> I know it's shocking!

When I had just one little in the house, and mama fatigue or the common cold hit, I actually followed the advice to nap when the baby napped or just go to bed "at his bedtime".  It worked wonders.  When it worked.  But with two in the house, differing sleep schedules and my to do list ever growing ... it just doesn't work for me anymore.  So the moral of the story is this ... I am on a mission to Fight Mama Fatigue! 

So is born Fatigue Fighting Friday!  Each Friday this month I am going to dedicate some of my WN blog time to testing and sharing my contingency plan for preventing and managing mama fatigue!  While I'm out there doing research I would love to hear some of your strategies!!  Leave your comments below and be sure to check back in on Friday!!

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