Lego Duplo: Read and Build

I recently discovered an awesome thing called House Party.  Essentially, you apply to host a house party featuring a specific product or brand and they send you party favors & such to help you host an awesome event. The first party I applied to host was for a "Lego Duplo Read & Build Party".  Sadly, I didn't get picked to host the party.  But the application process got me totally jazzed to try out the product.  So I ordered LEGO DUPLO 6759 Busy Farm

The Verdict:
I was pleasently suprised by how engaging the book was and how simple it was to building the farm animals.  Each page has a diagram that shows the individual pieces needed to make the animals relevant to that page.  My oldest loved tracking down all the right pieces & popping them into place to create some of his favorite critters.  I placed the legos & the book in a little bowl in one of our activity cubbies.  The littles play with it daily! Read & Build Legos seem to me to be a pinch of puzzle solving pattern blocking, a dash of a good book, & loads of lego fun!

The Bonus...
Shortly after buying our first Read and Build set we got an invite to attend one of the Build and Read Parties provided by lego to our community.  It was a fantastic time!  It was so exciting watching all the little ones building and exploring the world of legos together.  Lego Duplo gets two thumbs up in my book for providing so many awesome opportunities for little ones to engage, learn and grow together!

The Extra Bonus ... I did get selected to host a Fisher Price Joy of Learning Playdate!  Keep your eyes posted for the Fisher Price awesomeness to come!!

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