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We are participating in the Little Book Case Adventure in celebration of 2012 being the National Year of Reading (hehe ... in Australia).  Challenge one is about creating storage for your books.  We have books everywhere in our house ...  Bookshelves, baskets, and bins oh my!  But I had long been eyeing this little corner of our house .. thinking it would be a great spot to somehow get some extra book storage going.  Then I saw an awesome pintrest pin by "Mom of Two Little Monkeys", a terrific mom blog I just found.  In her post she used horse trough planters for toy storage and I was inspired.

Instead of painting the planters, I decided to sew a little liner for the bins out of some left over map fabric I had from the boys busy book project.  I wanted a liner because I felt it was needed to help books of all sizes stand up neatly and easily.

I used the coconut liner as a template, cut the fabric, sewed it together with a bit of batting in between and popped them into the troughs.  Finally, I added a quick whip stich of yarn around the top of the trough to attach the liner securely to the planter.

I use some heavy duty butterfly screws to anchor the planters into the wall.  Happily I had them on hand from another project.  I would recommend if you have adventurous little ones to go ahead and invest in getting some heavier duty mounting screws than come with the planter.  :)  This is a super quick easy and fun project and challenge one is away!! 

In case you are interested in getting some of your own book or toy storage under way here is the link to the troughs we ordered from amazon:CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter, Black

P.S. Check out the flying book mobile I made out of one of my hubby's worn out but well loved childhood books.  More to come on how to make your own... post to follow soon! :)

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