Sprout School Opening!

This is our new "high-top table time table" Thankfully the big kids are big enough to climb up to the high top table where the supplies that tend to pose safety risks for the littlest can find safe refuge.  The bigger kids love it and are frequently choosing the spot for artwork and puzzle play.  
Last week we officially began our Sprout School year.  I love the "opening" of sprout school.  It's so much fun to sort through the learning closet and set up our table time environments and supplies.  This year my excitement is a bit amplified because we have joined a "tot school co-op".  One of the primary reasons I wanted to open myself up to the co-op experience was the opportunity to have focused weekly co-op days.  I am so excited to join up with other families working on similar skill sets.  However, the co-op doesn't officially start for a few more weeks. Regardless, I decided to begin at my same old start time right along with our local public schools.

When the co-op officially begins I will have to re-sort some things a bit to accommodate the curriculum, which I haven't yet seen.  One of the great things about the co-op is that they are providing the accompanying curriculum.  I am convinced that the Chief Moms in Charge will do a great job.  Which is why I am calm as a cucumber about waiting so close to start time to see the curriculum.  None-the-less I am not abandoning my Montessori at Home curriculum.  I love it too much!! Plus, I am confident we will be able to fold it in nicely.

One thing that I have learned on the implementation side of curriculum planning is that you have flexibility to adapt and cater learning objectives to suite your specific needs.  From a practical skill, Language, and Cultural perspective I have my calendar pretty well set through November.  I will be posting those initiatives ... and their inevitable modifications on the sprout school page starting September 1st.  Also, much to my delight, I have received a couple of requests for the planner pages I created for last year.  I'm so glad some of you found the pages helpful!  Happy Opening of School!!   

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