Oh No, Metro!!!

This morning we headed to a terrific local haunt for Sunday brunch, The Metro Diner.  It is a great place to indulge in some decadant casual dining.  I was confident based on my previous experience at another one of thier locations that we would enjoy a great atmosphere & that they would be happy to accommodate my son's peanut and egg allergy.  Sadly, that was not the case.  Upon reviewing the kids menu I explained our allergy needs and asked our waitress if the bread used in thier grilled cheese sandwich contained egg.  She responded quickly with, "No none of our bread has egg."  Then when browsing thier delicious menu I spotted "Yo' Halla French Toast".  It jumped out at me for two reasons.  Number One it looks like deep fried oh my goodness deliciousness.  But more importantly it uses tastey Challah bread as it's key ingredient.  Challah bread is a well known egg bread recipe.  When the waitress stopped back by I mentioned that most challah bread I knew of had egg in it and I was suprised if theirs didn't.  She then abruptly said, "Well ... I can go get my manager but what he is going to tell you is that we don't know the ingredients of our bread because it is provided by the Village Bakery."  This was horrifying to me. Primarily, because if I hadn't spotted the Challah bread, I might just have trusted the waitress and served my son a deadly sandwich.  I asked to chat with the manager any way so we could figure out an alternative. The manager came to the table.  I started from the begining explained my allergy needs and asked about the grilled cheese bread.  Happily, he didn't tell me he didn't know the ingredients, but sadly he did confirm that he had checked the ingredients and the white bread used for the grilled cheese did in fact contain egg.  So we ended up ordering baked chicken and fruit off menu.  Problem solved.

This is such a hard one for me because I have long been a Metro Diner fan and ulitmately we did recieve accomodation. But what keeps blowing up in my mind is ... why in the world that waitress would off the cuff say the bread didn't contain egg.  If you are just to busy to really research ingredients when costumers ask, please err on the side of caution and go with that it does contain the allergen!   Boooooooo!  Very dissappointed. 

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