Mama Mia ... What fun!

After a rain storm this afternoon de-railed my grocery run, I found myself frighteningly close to the end of nap time with no real dinner plan.  Then my sister told me that a friend told her about a little Italian place that let's children "make their own pizza".  Given our food allergies I was prepared to hear that they couldn't accommodate us.  But much to my surprise … they were happy to make sure that the kitchen was safe my little to have the same experience they provide to all youngsters.   It was an allergy mom's dream a restaurant that is so proud of their kitchen they actually let you in.  True enough the food was not organic, and not perhaps the healthiest choice for an everyday dinner … but man did it make for a fun and "Delicious" night!

Mama Mia's Pizzeria and Italian

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  1. Love this. I've seen this restaurant often ... at every time I go to BJs. I'm going to start promoting it. If they're good to kids, meet allergy needs, and the food is good, that is hard to beat.


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