Good Morning, Saturday!

There is a moment everyday where the night before greets the new morning.  I usually find myself at that moment gently laying my littlest one back to sleep after his last feeding of the night - or his first feeding of the morning - depending on how you look at it.  Assuming my wee one stays for a while in the land of nod, I have about an hour to an hour and half before my oldest wakes up ready for breakfast.   Most mornings I choose to try to get in a few more winks before the wind hits the flame of the new day.  However, I have discovered that on those days when I catch those last few winks … I find myself ultimately more tired.

This morning I resolved to stay awake.  Blurry eyed with a pinch of yesterday's headache, I noticed that my house was very still and quiet.  It was almost unsettling.  You see, I lived several years with quiet mornings, time for yoga, coffee, and the morning paper before heading off to my work day.   The quiet was familiar and warm but somehow strange and new.  I decided to do something I haven't done in a long time … my morning yoga routine.  If you where thinking now is when I am going to tell you it was like a breathe of fresh air … you'd be wrong.   I discovered this morning that two pregnancies, sketchy sleep patterns, and swapping my yoga routine for mommy and me yoga has left me considerably less flexible than I was a few years ago.  None-the-less it was fun and a bit comical. 

When I had reasonably made it through my sun salutations I found myself magically still in this little pocket of time. Quiet singing through hallways, the sun not yet up.  So I made myself a cup of coffee opened my curtains and watched the sun rise. IT WAS AWESOME!  Moments later my youngest began to cry ready for his morning cuddle and that was even better still, a morning cuddle with my baby at daybreak.  A few seconds later I heard a little voice beside me, "Good Morning Mama".  My oldest piled into my lap.  For a few miraculous minutes this morning, I was sitting in my favorite chair handed down from my grandparents, both boys on my lap welcoming the morning.  Then my oldest looked at me and said, "Hmmm it's time eat … breakfast … I could use some breakfast."  And so it began.  I am writing this post in between making breakfast, piloting a rocket ship, managing the  squealing demands of a baby who is irritated beyond measure with his cup.  My house is anything but quiet … and I couldn't be happier.

Good Morning, Saturday!!

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