Cunchy Goey Mozzarella Bites

This is a delicious fun treat that you can have ready in under 15 minutes ... depending on how fast your oven heats up!  It's always a big hit at our house and usually leaves zero left overs!  And in case you were wondering I didn't just forget the "r" in crunchy.  My little one always calls these "cunchy, goey, delicious" so I had to keep the r out when naming this blog post.  Heeh ... silly, but true.


- Organic String Cheese

- A bowl of Organic Skim Milk

- A can of Happy Munchies Crushed (Chedder  and Kale prefered)

- 1 tbsp Organic Italian seasoning

1.  Open a few strings of organic string cheese.  (I typically use low moisture Mozzarella.) 
2.  Slice them into 1 or 2 finger wide bite size bits.
3.  Mix together the can of crushed muchies and Italian seasoning.

4.  Dredge the bits through the skim milk.
5.  Then coat well with the muchie dry mixture. 
(I usually have my little help me with this part dropping the bites in the can and letting him shake it up.  Be sure the lid is on tight if you go this route to. Then when putting them on the baking sheet. I give each on a little squeeze to help smash in the crumbs.)

Tip: If you have time, pop them in the freezer for a half hour to an hour.  It helps them to hold thier shape when they are in the oven.

6.  Heat your oven to 425.
7.  Pop the bites in for about 8-10 minutes.  But keep an eye on them.  I start watching at around 5 minutes.  You want them to get bubbly and goey but still hold thier shape.  :)

Crunchy outside ... goey inside ... a classic and delicious combo!

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