Little Explorers: Get Destructive!

Okay, admit it …  a little bit of destruction, disorder, and mayhem is fun, soul satisfying, and stress relieving.  Our little explorers have a lot to learn about the order of the universe.  So why not make time for a little disorder in your day.  An added bonus?  You can do some recycling while you are at it!! This activity is fun and exciting for little ones, while being surprisingly low mess for mom!  How? Make a Rip and Tear Bin!

Rainbow Salad Watermelon Bowls

One of our favorite stories to sign and read is "Rainbow Salad" by Rachel Coleman.  I recieved an adorable little organic seedless watermelon in my latest delivery from Palmetto Organics and thought hmmm ... let's mix up snack time!

Here is how we did it...

1.  Slice Watermelon in half. 
2.  Hallow the middle, reserving watermelon to slice for salad
3.  Slice various fruits for your salad.
     We used Kiwi, Banana and Grapes. 

Finally, let the kiddos help mix the salad together and serve in watermelon bowls!   :) The delight on their faces when they are served in a watermelon bowl will be priceless!!

Markers, Water, and Glue!

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is the Eric Carle Museum.  I recently saw a project they did with with older kids making tissue paper.  They had the students draw partens with markers on paper, spray them with water,then hang them to dry in the sun.  Once dry, the students tore the tissue paper into shapes to make collage art! The results were gorgeous!  So I decided to adapt it for my littles. 

Here is what you need:
We did this project over the course of two days.  Here is how I broke it down.

Where are we going .... VOLCANO!

My son recently watched an episode of Dora the Explorer while at my parents house about going to, of all things, a Volcano.  As a result, he started running around the house singing her little catchy song ..."Where are we going .. VOLCANO!"  So I started thinking about doing a classic baking soda volcano.  But, I worried that the small opening of a soda bottle and the resulting force of the eruptions be to much for my 2 and under crowd to effectively do the project on thier own.  Then I saw this post from the The Artful Parent.  She used a mason jar instead of soda bottle.  I was inspired!!  Here is our adaptation ...

First, we made our favorite play-doh recipe:

1 cup salt
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cups water
2 tablespoons oil

Yes, I let them do it all the measuring hehe and the pouring as you can see.:)

Next time, I'm thinking of making mud-dough!


Happy National Fried Chicken Day!!

Fried chicken is a rarity at our house for a couple of reasons. Primarily, frying foods in large enough quantity to feed our family takes a level of undivided attention on my part that I struggle to master.  Additionally, our food allergies make it hard to find frozen chicken nugget options or restaurant offerings that are not at least processed in a facility with something that would send our little one straight to the hospital.   But when I learned that today was National Fried Chicken Day.  I had to make it happen.


Chalk It Up to Fun!

White Chalk + Black Paper = Fun Exploration of Contrast
One of my all time favorite art adventures is drawing with chalk.  It's easy to get stuck thinking chalk on a chalk board. But chalk is a fantastic medium that performs wonderfully and in diverse ways based on the surface.  The great thing about chalk is while yes the dust can be a bit messy.  It's easily cleaned off of hands floors and walls.  We have chalkboards and chalk out and in reach of my littles all the time.  So don't get me wrong I think chalk on a chalkboard is fabulous.  But we also keep chalk construction paper and cardboard available in our art center.

White chalk on black construction paper is so much fun to explore.  The feel of chalk on paper is so different.  In addition, to the study of contrast your little will also be exposed to the effect of smudging.  Paper does a much better job of holding onto the chalk.  So when your child brushes thier lines and strokes they get to see the smudged gradient color that is created.  Black and white begin to share the page with wonderful shades of grey!

It's quick, virtually no prep and is "chalked" full of playful learning!


Signs of Love

 Wasting Nothing is please to share with you the story of one moms experience using American Sign Language (ASL) with the little ones in her life.  Plus, she shares some tips on how you can start using ASL today to share, play and grow with your little one!!

The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

Playing, cooking, reading, exploring, loving, laughing, and making a mess with your little one is NEVER a waste of time! It is priority one! It's not just about getting to know your little one. It's about letting your little one get to know you!