The Unintended Lesson

I have been wanting to make this post for a while no; but the truth is, life has just plain old ordinary gotten the best of me.  In the middle of last week on a sunny morning I woke up feeling ready for my day.  I was super excited to take the littles to one of thier favorites, a gymnastics playdate.  The morning was moving smoothly and seemed as ordinary as could be.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  We were in an accident on our way to the gym.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  The car didn't fair so well, but it could have been much worse.  As I pulled to the side of the road, I busied myself calling the troops (i.e. the police, insurance, family, and the friends we were supposed to meet at the gym). 

One of my friends without taking a breath said, "Where are you? We'll be right there!"  And their she came, complete with her Mini-Van and toddlers.  I thought I was just fine, but as soon as she hopped out of her mom-mobile and hugged me ... I melted.  I have never needed a hug so badly in my life.  Being in an accident is stressful.  I knew this.  But I had never experienced an accident with the precious cargo that is our children in the back.  She immediately, started sharing her back seat toys with my littles, and got busy transfering thier car seats into her mini-van.  Then tossed her day out the window and spent the entire day playing at our house and helping me wrap up all the arrangements for getting my car repaired.

After a shockingly fun day and a late nap.  I decided we could surely get in our 30 minutes of table time before dinner time.  The littles had a blast we worked on our pattern block skills, threading, and letter shapes.  Then in keeping with the three part lesson. I asked the children what we learned today.  After a long pause my son looked up at me and said, "friends are GREAT!"  Indeed they are.

So there you have it the unintended lesson, that totally rocks!  No prep or planning required.  All you need is an  amazing friend!

Sending a super big hug of thanksgiving for our super friends!


Mini-Masterpieces: Window Leaves

This is a really fun, nearly mess free way to help your little one discover that yellow and blue make green! The magic of mixing two colors to make a third colors is thrilling. Plus, when you tape your finished leaves to a window the light passing through, the leaves adds a new layer of interest and delight.


Culinary Cuties: Pizza Party!

Why play with play-doh when you can play with Pizza Dough!!  Plan a fun family night or party with friends and let your little ones make their own personal pizzas.  We found an Ina Garten recipe that, adapted slightly, is perfect for little hands.  It’s egg-free, quick and easy!!  When we combined it with our delicious local produce from Palmetto Organics, we had an Organic Pizza FEAST!!


Reflection on Mommyhood ...

The truth is, it is still hard for me to believe I am lucky enough to be a mom to my wonderful boys.  I love being a mom; but mostly, I love being a mom to my adorable, sweet, polite, outdoor loving, dirt digging in, sometimes tantrum throwing, bath resisting, big hugging, laughing, heartbreaking crying boys.  There is no better job on the planet.  Yes, the hours are brutal and as a mom of toddlers and babies I spend a fair amount of time handling and properly disposing of hazardous waste.  But, I love it and while there is no doubt I am tired ... I am not exhausted from my role in my house and in my boys life. 

I tend to view the title of mom as a gift, a humbling responsibility.    I think this is largely because of my awesome mom.  When I was a child she had the magical touch that healed nearly every hurt, the loving words that helped me learn to cope with the hurts that would linger for a while, and the ability to see right through to the heart of me.  As an adult, she has been able to understand that I am my own person, respect my decisions, encourage me through failures (even the ones she saw coming way before I did), love my whole family and celebrate every joy. 

One of the most joyous things about motherhood is watching my mom become such a terrific Grandma!  A few months ago, my mom was teaching the littles how to make biscuits.  Something, went a bit wrong. And I heard her gently say, "That's okay we will just fold it over and begin again.  These things happen.  We will still have delicious biscuits".  That's my mom, effortlessly teaching tenacity, compassion, and love in the smallest of moments.

The best gift I recieved from my mom is knowing that she has always seen and loved me, the independent person.  While I know she feels my every success, failure, and milestone almost as deeply as I do.  I also know that she has helped to equip me to deal with all of them.  I am so blessed to have a mom who guided me through my childhood and who mentors and stands beside me as an adult.

Following her example, I hope to raise my boys to know they are perfect and unique creations, that they are well able to meet the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead, and that I will always love them for just who they are! 

Thank you to my precious boys for making me a mom and my mom for inspiring me everyday!

Happy Mother's Day!!


Itty Bitty Book Worms: Read Green

Cozy up with a good book!!
Read a fun book that helps explore friendship and encourages little one's to develop an understanding of how mixing two colors can make a third color!!
Then, enjoy a fun activity to reinforce the reading!!

Mini Masterpieces: Puffy Wall Tiles

Did you know that you and your little one can turn your old empty diaper box into colorful home d├ęcor?!  It’s true!  This fun activity is a great exploration into color, texture, and a learning experience about the value of reusing soon to be trashed items to make beautiful memories and art!!

Win An iPad 3!!

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Think Outside, Inside, & All Around the Box!

We always end up with cardboard boxes laying around the house waiting to go out to the recycling bin.  Here are our top 5 favorite things we do to make good use of them before tossing them.

Thing 1: The Drop Box
I was so inspired by Play at Home and Happy Holligans Drop boxes.  I had to give it a try!  I have to say it was a hit with my littles and not hard at all to do.  I used our set of Melissa & Doug 100 Piece Wood Blocks to cut out the shapes and squares. 

The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

Playing, cooking, reading, exploring, loving, laughing, and making a mess with your little one is NEVER a waste of time! It is priority one! It's not just about getting to know your little one. It's about letting your little one get to know you!