A Tisket, A Tasket, No Eggs in our basket!

One of  the most challenging issues our family has faced has been the diagnosis of my oldest son's food allergies.  There is alot that goes through your mind when your little one is diagnosed.  Mom guilt definately rears its ugly head.  I can't tell you how many times, I have run through the list of what I ate while I was pregnant, examined and re-examined the way I introduced foods, just trying to find a reason.  Irrational as it is ... sometimes it feels like if you find the reason you can find a better solution.

It's just a hard pill to swallow when the best solutions limits your child in some ways.  We bring our own cake to birthday parties, never plate share unless we are 100% convinced that no allergens are at the party, and no dying Easter eggs.  In the grand scheme of things the adaptions are minor and easy.  Don't get me wrong ... we are super lucky among the allergy set. Life with his allergy has been managable.  Thanks to antihistamines and his Epi-Pen pack we carry EVERYWHERE we are one of the most active families I know.

But sometimes the "aww shucks" moments creep in.  I always loved dying Easter eggs  This year to get over the hump of not being able to share that memory with my little one we made tin foil eggs and painted them with watered down allergy free tempra paints.  (yes, some paints of egg protein in them).  It was a blast!  If nothing else, this journey has given us an opportunity to flex our creative muscle!

Happy Easter!!


I just read this fantastic article and wanted to share it with you all.  Chew Chew Mama has a son with a Peanut Allergy.  Her blog is pretty new and pretty terrific.  Check it out!!

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