My Cloth Diaper Conversion

When I gave birth to my first son, I had lofty goals of cloth diapering that I never really saw through.  I simply got overwhelmed thinking about having to figure it out all on my own.  I was already braving breastfeeding with very few breastfeeding resources available to me and I just didn't think I could tackle both.  So ... I focused on nursing and stuck with "responsible" disposable diapers.  I had a few cloth diapers that I used with him at home on occasion, but was terrified to travel him in cloth.  I have since learned I was doing a bunch of stuff that was making my cloth experience harder than it needed to be.  How did I discover this?  My first cloth diapering momma friend, Krista!  Yes, that is the same Krista who wrote an awesome cloth diapering article or two for this blog.

I decided when my second son was born that I was going to commit to changing 3 cloth diapers a day.  Much to my suprise it was easier than I anticipated.  The key to my new found success was a little bit of planning and commiting to the idea of making it work!  Now, we are full on cloth diaper family.  Although, I am FAR from a cloth expert, I wanted to blog about my experiences.  Frankly, if I can do it ... YOU can TOTALLY DO IT!!

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