My Biggest Mistakes with Cloth Diapers

Okay, so this is my true confession list of the biggest mistakes I made during my cloth conversion.  Heeh.  It's a working list so keep your eyes peeled for additions.

1. Not Buying Enough Diapers. I started with around 8 cloth diapers. If you are washing every ther day that volume really doesn't allow you to dry your shells before you need your diapers again.  I recommend if you can starting with 14-24 diapers. 

2. Using Fabric Softner in the Wash.  Think Rain-X for diapers.  This literally caused liquid to bead and run off our cloth diapers.  <Insert Emergency Call to Krista> It was atleast a really simple fix.  I just soaked the diapers in Rockin' Green overnight then put the diapers through 3 hot wash cycles.

3. Almost Tossing A Cloth Diaper.  Let me start by saying ... I'm not proud of this.  Before I invested in a wet bag or dry pail/liner, I used my arm and hammer poop scooper disposable bags to store my dirty diapers.  Sadly, to a pair of helpful hands giving me a cleaning boost this looked just like trash bags.  You guessed it they got tossed.  Fortunately, I was able to pull them from the bin before they landed in a landfill!

4. Not Setting up a cloth system.  Because, I got off to a bit of a half-hearted start.  I didn't really take time to fully set up a cloth diaper plan.  Once I got my 8 must haves for cloth diapering in order, cloth diapering became like second nature!  While the initial investment seems frightening.  Most of your purchases are a one time deal.  You recoup your costs pretty quickly.  Take a peek at my financial breakdown.

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