The Cost of Cloth

One of the biggest reasons I hesitated to start cloth diapering is that I was horrified at the upfront cost of cloth diapering.  Then, I decided to run the numbers.  I was shocked at how quickly I would re-coup my costs and begin saving money.

Here is how my numbers broke down ...

Cost of Cloth
Upfront Expenses: I added the cost for purchasing 20 bumGenius One Size and 6 Flip Diapers plus inserts; mini shower; wet bag; diaper pail and liner.
Ongoing Cloth Costs: I estimated (.02) per diaper based on our electric and water rate for washing diapers every other day and (.01) per diaper for the cost of using Rockin' Green to clean them. 

Cost of Disposable
I purchased environmentally friendly, sensitive skin disposable diapers and frequently use coupons.  When I looked back over my diaper expenses for my oldest son during the time he was 3 months - 1 Year old.  I spent an average of .29 cents per diaper. 

The Result
I discovered that I would recoup my upfront costs in 5.48 months.  Even better assuming I will continue to cloth diaper my second little over the next year and half I will save $941.77.

That sold me ... Good for the environment and Good for my Budget!! 

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