Cloth DIapers On-The-Go

Two of my cloth diapering friends Krista and Miranda (Nuturing Nolan) laughed at my absolute fear of cloth diapering outside of my house.  They laughed in a loving, supportive, you can do it kind of way, but laughed none-the-less.  They clearly realized I was blowing the whole thing way out of proportion. And suprise to no one. I was.  All I needed was a plan and a diaper bag.  So just in case you are like I was and dread the thought of cloth diapering away from your home base.  Here is how I get ready and get a move on!

Day Trips
When I am heading out for a playdate or to run errands all I do is pack my Wet/Dry Bag and head out the door.
What's in the Wet bag?
  • My Charlie's Little Ark Changing Pad
  • 2 One Size
  • 1 Flip Cover with 2 inserts
  • Wipes
  • CJs Diaper Rash Cream
Where's the poop?
If my little has a poopy while we are out and it is reasonably solid.  I simply knock it off into a public restroom.  The Wee-B-Gone patch in the wet portion of the bag help shield the public from the remaining stink.  Then, hose it off with the mini-shower at home.

Overnight Trips
When we head out on overnight excursions, a little more planning is involved. For the travel day I bring along my packed wet bag.  Then I load up my suitcase with the necessities.

What's in the suitecase?
  • My Mini-Shower Toilet Hose packed in a Thirstie's small laudry bag.
  • As many diapers and inserts as we will need for the trip
  • A few sample Size Rocking Green Detergent Packs. (If the trip is longer than 2 days)
  • Thirstie's Large diaper liner (Also for trips greater than 2 days)

In  Hotel
When I'm planning a trip longer than 2-3 Days. I call in advance to figure out the laundry situation.  Many hotels will allow you to use thier laundry facility free of charge. Almost all of them have an awesome retractable clothes line in the bathroom for drying your shells and covers.  If you land at a rare one that doesn't, you can always  dry them over towel bars and shower rods.  -OR- There is always the option to disposable diaper for longer stays away.

At Family or Friends Home
If we are planning to stay longer than 3 days at a friend or family members.  I ask if they will mind us using there washer to launder our diapers and if they have a drying rack.  It's that easy.

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