Chalk It Up to Fun!

White Chalk + Black Paper = Fun Exploration of Contrast
One of my all time favorite art adventures is drawing with chalk.  It's easy to get stuck thinking chalk on a chalk board. But chalk is a fantastic medium that performs wonderfully and in diverse ways based on the surface.  The great thing about chalk is while yes the dust can be a bit messy.  It's easily cleaned off of hands floors and walls.  We have chalkboards and chalk out and in reach of my littles all the time.  So don't get me wrong I think chalk on a chalkboard is fabulous.  But we also keep chalk construction paper and cardboard available in our art center.

White chalk on black construction paper is so much fun to explore.  The feel of chalk on paper is so different.  In addition, to the study of contrast your little will also be exposed to the effect of smudging.  Paper does a much better job of holding onto the chalk.  So when your child brushes thier lines and strokes they get to see the smudged gradient color that is created.  Black and white begin to share the page with wonderful shades of grey!

It's quick, virtually no prep and is "chalked" full of playful learning!

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