A "Brush" with Nature!

Our local Arboretum to local artist annually. The artist set up throughout the arboretum to paint "plen aire" inspired by the lush surroundings. It's a wonderful multiday event. I have taken our littles every year and I am always amazed at what they discover.  This year we decided to head out not only as observers, but as paiters! 

All we needed:
- Our water colors
- A little water
- Paper

We set up at the picnic tables just inside the arboretum.  The tables location is ideal.  It's a has plenty of flat open space and is covered by an amazing tree canope.  The littles were immediately inspired by the surroundings and got straight to painting!  They would frequently look around them spot a color and start painting. A game they invented on thier own.

They were very relaxed and focus, noticing not just colors, but the wind, the sounds of leaves falling and the songs of  birds chirping.  They were observing and painting all at once and amazingly still for preschoolers.  I had anticipated that the painting portion of our adventure would be about 15-20 minutes.  But they painted for almost 40 minutes. 

When our painting fun was done.  We set out to do some exploring.  We hiked a trail.  We watched some artists paint with oil pastels and some with watercolors.  One of the most fun things the children found was this large tire partially burried in the ground.  It was very exciting to discover that the dirt beneath it was cool to the touch, an oddity in our part of the country.  The coolness is most likely caused by an undground spring.


What is your favorite way to have "a brush with nature"?  I'ld love to hear your thoughts! 


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