8 Must Haves Before You Cloth Diaper

1 - Pick A Diaper and Stick with It!
2 - All Natural Diaper Rash Creams
3 - A mini-shower for your toilet
4 - A Wet/Dry Bag
5 - Dry Diaper Pail Liner
6 - Cloth Diaper Detergent
7 - A Clothes Line or Drying Rack
8 - Cloth Diaper Liners

1 - Pick A Diaper and Stick with It!
In my opinion, this is one situation where I think being brand loyal atleast in the begining is a must.  Most sites will tell you that you need to have atleast 24 diapers.  It can be tempting to want to by one of each brand and style of diaper.  But, it's best to keep your process simple.  Buying one brand ensures that you won't get confused over which inserts go with which diapers and you can save money buying a larger quantity.  This highlights for me why it's so important to find a trusted friend or retailer for advice.  Having someone with experience help you pick really takes the guesswork out of it.  For me, I love the bumGenius One Size.  I started with 12 diapers.  I mixed my order some snaps and some hook and loop (velcro).  I found that I like both closure styles equally.  The One Size are a bit bulky, but they are extremely well made, absorbent and adjustable.  You can literally have your little in a One Size from newborn to potty training. 

2 - All Natural Diaper Rash Creams
Not all diaper rash creams are okay to use with cloth diapers. The ingredients in them can cause burns on babies bottom.  I found this fact absolutely horrifying.  We use CJs Butter and LOVE it.  Our favorites are the Unscented Butter and the Lavendar and Tea Tree Oil. Tea Trea Oil is a natural way to combat yeast, a big plus when dealing with the diapering area. 

3 - A Mini-Shower for Your Toilet
Hehe ... people often comment about this being the dark side of cloth diapering.  But even if you are disposable diapering you are supposed to be cleaning the diaper before trashing it.  Little known fact ...if your not, you are breaking the law.  (Seriously, check your disposable diaper box.  It's in the fine print but it's there)  Basically, these mini-showers are hand held faucet sprayers that attach between your water line and toilet.  When your little has a number two you are going to want to flush it.  In some cases, you will need a little extra help to get the poo unstuck. This becomes significantly less necessary as your little eats more solids.  But trust me when you need it, this little gadget will be your best friend.  (It really isn't as bad as you think.)

4 - Invest in a Good Wet/Dry Bag
I love the WeeHuggers Wet/Dry Bags.  They are fantastic to travel with.  They have a front pouch to hold your diapering supplies and a back zipper pouch to hold you soiled diapers.  The best part is the zipper pouch that holds the soiled diapers includes a Wee Be Gone fabric insert that keeps orders out.  Your Wet/Dry bag can also just be tossed in the wash with your diapers. 

5- Dry Diaper Pail Liner
In the begining, when I was only changing 3 cloth diapers a day, I didn't even need a dry diaper pail.  I simply used my Wet/Dry Bag and washed every other day.  But if you plan on cloth all the time or you have multiples, you will want a Diaper Pail Liner to toss your soiled diapers in.  I like the Blueberry Diaper Liners with the Drawstring because of their fun solids and patterns.  But ultimately I stuck with a plan white thirsties bag.  My practical side won outs  ... the thristie bag was in stock and on a shelf so I bought local. 

6- Cloth Diaper Detergent
Cloth diapers need gentle care when it comes to detergent.  While you can use a fraction of the amount of a regular dye-free detergent to wash your cloth diapers I don't recommend it.  It's just to much figuring and your going to be washing these things frequently. Cloth Diaper Detergent is designed to clean diapers while minimizing build-up and helping maintain diaper absorbancy. We love the Rocking Green detergent.  We have hard water so we use the Hard Rock version.   Favorite Smell: Motlee Clean. :)

7- Clothes Line or Drying Rack
While our bumGenius inserts are okay to go for a tumble in the dryer, the covers need to be line dried.  At our house we have set up an indoor line over a bath tub.  It's a great spot to dry diapers, swim suites, special clothes, and art projects.  We haven't had any stains yet.  When that happens they say the sun is the best thing for them .... hmmm ...not sure how I'll handle that.  <more to come>

8- Cloth Diaper Liners
Cloth diaper liners ar terrific for helping to manage soiled diapers easily ... especially when you are on the go.  It's a thin disposible material that lays on top of the diaper to help you seperate the poo from you littles diapers.  I just started using these with my oldest son overnight.  I'm stilltill not 100% sure they are needed all the time.  But they are a nice option to have.

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