3 Things To Boost Cloth Diapering Success

The first time I gave cloth diapering a try, I constantly second guessed myself and got de-railed.  The second time around I found much more success, far more quickly.  Here are the top three things that boosted my success story.
  • A Friend- Not everyone can find a friend that cloth diapers at home. But a good friend can make all the difference! Invest a little time at mom groups and playdates seeking out people that are successful already.  If you can't find a mom look around online for cloth blogging communities or support networks.  Having someone to call, text or email when you have a question is AWESOME.
  • A Retailer   The second time around, I found an awesome cloth business.  Why did this make a huge difference?  For me, it is all about having an expert with equal interest in several options working for you.  Because they offers such a variety of brands, I was able share my lifestyle needs and get a recommendation that worked.  They have a fantastic selection and everything I needed to get started.
  • A Plan- Before I jumped in second time around I thought out how I would set up my home for success, how I would travel and cloth diaper, the total cost of the whole experience, and what items where must haves.   That little bit of extra planning gave me the boost I needed to fully commit to the process!

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